Updating iwork

19 Sep

Whilst it would have free upgrades within its cycle e.g.8.1, .2, .3 effectively this does not mean you get a free upgrade to a significantly new version 3 years later e.g. In your case, its likely there was a temporary offer for a free upgrade initially to encourage customers to port to the Apple Store (for software download) rather than traditional disc installation.Wether you have to pay for them or they're free isn't depending on your operating system but on the age of your mac.My point was that with the release of Mavericks the versions of Pages, Numbers, and Keynotes I had installed form i Work were all updated.May 29, 2009 I just ran the software update, and theres 2 updates available: 1. MBP SMC Firmware (fixes fan speeds during high workload) 2. With the updates, Pages, Numbers and Keynote for i OS move to version 2.2.2, while Mac versions were bumped to 5.2.2 for Pages , 3.2.2 for Numbers and 6.2.2 for Keynote.The last substantial i Work overhaul came in April when the app suite received multiple user interface tweaks and feature additions in an effort to build a more cohesive multi-platform experience.

While Pages, Numbers and Keynote have been Mac staples for many years, Apple first released its i Work for i OS in 2011 and has since expanded offerings into i Cloud.

Now I've done a rebuild, and reinstall they are no longer upgrading.

i Work '08 was released for OS 10.4 originally from 2007.

Each of the apps has multiple specific changes for i OS, Mac, and i Cloud versions.

Yes, i Work for i Cloud -- Apple's answer to Microsoft's Office 365 suite -- has finally come out of beta along with the refreshes.