Updating host file

20 Nov

Firefox and IE like to occasionally run in the background, despite not having any active windows, but that may be more my fault than the applications.Because changes are seen immediately, you might be seeing another DNS cache in your application.It turns our Microsoft put a patch out that was causing XP machines to have issues connecting to the Exchange 2010 farm.The workaround was to put an entry into the host file for the front end server.It is common for corporate networks to suffix domains and add search orders to ease local resolution of hosts on the network.I have noticed some of the applications I use also cache some of these responses, and must ensure they are completely closed before the resolution works properly.To modify the hosts file, you add two entries to the file that contains the IP address that you want the site to resolve to and the address.Adding the following two lines, for example, point to our current PHP5-ITK (“Refreshed” PHP5) cluster: After you add the domain information and save the file, your system begins resolving to the specified IP address. Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista use User Account Control (UAC), so Notepad must be run as Administrator.

We contacted Appriver to see if they were having issues.

File System Object")Set Wsh Shell=Create Object("WScript.

I'll add another script (later) that will replace a string.

Open Text File(Hosts File, For Appending, True)filetxt. Close Using VBS, it does the following: I want to run this script using normal user accounts startup login using GPO.

Hello Spice heads i have an application which running locally and i try to make it working remotely and i managed to finish what needed .