Updating expired passport

23 Nov

Have an expired passport and want to know whether you can apply for a passport renewal or need to submit the application for a new one at an acceptance facility?

The answer depends on how old you were when the passport was issued and how much time has elapsed since the expiration date.

If you have errors on a new passport or a passport renewal you should have these errors fixed as soon as possible.Some typical passport corrections are an incorrect birthday, misspelled name and other spelling mistakes.You are allowed to fix errors as long as the passport is valid.You can apply to get your passport renewed by mail if your passport was issued not more than 15 years ago, it is not damaged and you were age 16 or older when it was issued.In other words, passports issued to applicants age 16 or older can be renewed by mail up to 5 years after the expiration date as long as the passport is not significantly damaged.