Updating capes

17 Nov

See if you can pick a listing price for eight homes without knowing where they are.Read Full Story Update your Cape for modern living without losing the qualities that make it special.

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That means you no longer have to recompile the whole device tree in order to enable or disable an IP core slash peripheral, instead you can simply compile the overlay and fix the device tree in the running kernel.

Get started with cape manager Start with a fresh Debian distro. Install the newest kernel: Follow the instructions on how to use upgrade and use the cape manager from there.

The instructions are good, basically: - Upgrade the DTC - compile the overlays.

(Example Below) To better inform you on why we choose the price's we do when selling our hides, Sam Gaylord (Old Barn's Award Winning Taxidermist) compiled this chart to accurately and honestly make your decision as simple as possible.

(Chart Below) Economy grade is a Commercial cape with multiple flaws, major rubs or holes possible light shedding.