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23 Sep

It is a beast: dual processor, 8 cores each, with Hyper Threading.

That means Task Manager shows 32 tiny little performance graphs. NET really fast (lots of C /CLI these days), and is killer for working on all that multithreaded rendering code.

You can read more about The Monolith in Klimenko’s thread on the Unreal Engine forums announcing the release via the link below.

Read about The Monolith in Dneproman’s release thread on the Unreal Engine forums (Browse to the end of the thread for the latest download information) Editor’s note: The download link for the files has changed several times since this story was posted.

The Terms you agree to allow the application to silently monitor all of your communication and hardware to protect against cheating.

However, even while a game is not running, the monitor process still runs.

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we’ll see if it still works after all the downloading is done): I found some forum threads where tons of people are having this issue, and it goes on and on for pages and pages without any fix for the poor souls (so to speak).

It appears that these changes are in preparation for the launch of Destiny 2 later this year as well as leaving room for NEW games to be added.

Last week, dataminers uncovered text strings in the Hearthstone client that seem to indicate that an offline mode for the Blizzard launcher will (finally) be added sometime in the future as well.

I also tried looking for the game in the Play on Linux database but it doesn't appear to exist anymore.

I tried using a playonlinux script but that failed after selecting the It always gets stuck at the same spot 1/3 of the way finished with Updating Blizzard Update Agent" screen.