Updating basement how is jeff hardy dating

26 Oct

The basement doesn’t have to be a dungeon for your home’s utilities and storage boxes.With some creative basement ideas and a little DIY you can tap into that extra square footage and create a beautiful addition to your home.In some homes, basements are light and airy with adequate windows and space to help you forget you’re in a subterranean room.Other basements, however, might need some assistance in that area.Outgrown kids toys and clothes, overflow from our own closets, gadgets and old TV’s…they clutter the space that might otherwise be space to enjoy. Sell some of it on e Bay to make some extra money to upgrade your space.If you haven’t used it in a year or more, you probably don’t need it!Candice designs a multifunctional room with three distinct areas: a lounge zone, a TV and media zone and a workout zone.Since the space only has two small windows, she creates the illusion of space with floor-to-ceiling drapes in contemporary floral and light silk.

You can keep pieces of your old kitchen, or you can scoop up bargains at estate sales, salvage shops or online.One of my favorite features in the entire house is the sliding bathroom door, which glides on barn door hardware.Rising NHL star Alex Steen and his wife Sofie recently moved into a big home in the suburbs with their infant son and two dogs.Are you sitting on top of a gold mine when it comes to additional living space?If you’re lucky enough to have an unfinished dry basement you are.