Updating 2 prong to 3 prong outlets aries man dating capricorn woman

21 Jan

The electrician cited as to why this method of repair is ok. I have a feeling that I may look back on this and ask myself why I posted such a stupid question )) Thanks for your positive and friendly input!

At first I thought he had you on a sneaky technicality. It's 406.3(D) 406.3 General Installation Requirements (D) Replacements (3) Nongrounding-Type Receptacles Where grounding means does not exist in the receptacle enclosure, the installation shall comply with (D)(3)(a), (D)(3)(b), or (D)(3)(c).

While this will function as a ground for this outlet, having a ground wire that travels back to the electrical panel is a much more effective and safer solution. If your house uses non-metallic cable (commonly called Romex, although older forms had a cloth covering) there MUST be a bare ground wire as part of the cable assembly.

I have a somewhat detailed question I need answered regarding grounded outlets.

I am working on a lengthy condo conversion project that was originally built in 1986.

In my final walkthrough, I found that the electrician did not repair the open-grounded outlets I marked out , instead he installed two-pronged outlets.

It is unclear why he could not find the ground error. 406.4 (D) does not apply here since the structure was once required to have "Grounding-Type" receptacles?