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14 Jan

"The public should not be overly worried about getting this disease as it is rare in North America," said Dr. "People with low immunity are at greater risk." Houston said the worm is likely to have been brought to Canada through an infected dog from Europe."This is an important example of the inescapable ecological interaction between human and animal health," he said.Students will be excavating a multi-component shell midden site, dating from ~1500 BC to AD 1000. University of Alberta Anthropology Department offers a 6-week, 6-credit Fieldschool for Ethnographic Sensibility in Belgrade in the Summer of 2016.Hone your ethnographic sensibility through sensorium training methods developed in visual arts, performance, music, and mindfulness.According to the researchers, most current MS treatments act on the immune system to reduce inflammation on the brain.

Become a sensitive instrument for registering surprises and noting patterns in order to ultimately transpose them into ethnographic writing, film, photography, sound, or performance. This field school will be running June 13 - July 1, 2016 in Cortona, Italy.

Junior Brand Manager Taylor has a BA in Media Production from the RTA School of Media at Ryerson University in Toronto.

She has a debilitating addiction to anything pop culture, Starbucks, Ryan Gosling & The Montreal Canadiens.

UAP was originally established as a department of the University of Alberta in 1969 and the first Press Director, Leslie E. Historically it is particularly recognized for publishing in the following disciplines: history, literary criticism, Canadian studies, Native studies and reference works.

It has a commitment to publishing books of importance to Western Canada thereby contributing to the variety and diversity of cultural expression and promoting engagement with ideas and continuance of a literate culture.