Unhandled exception updating material Amaturechat

04 Dec

You may want to try disabling other programs that are running in the background and try opening Surfer again.I'm working in ZSuite, and I keep getting an error message as I "Prepare to print." I've rendered about nine models prior to this one, and they've all been fine.

NOTE: In August 2016, an update was issued for the three Version 21 editions; Deluxe, Pro Basic and Pro Platinum. If your username in the path really is the issue, you could install the Android SDK to a custom location outside your [username] folder and set the ANDROID_HOME environment variable to point to it. Do you have any other special characters in your name?He is claiming that doing this "pushes the error to the database engine" and "causes core dumps".His directive is that all PL/SQL procedures should contain a WHEN OTHERS exception block, the error should be handled within PL/SQL and an output parameters for the error code and the stack trace should be placed on all PL/SQL procedures.