Uiprogressview not updating Cam hotsex

25 Aug

Then, if there is, the following line is called 10 times in a function. Update: This is how I am calling the API NSString *url String = **url**; NSURL *JSONURL = [NSURL URLWith String:url String]; NSURLRequest *request = [NSURLRequest request With URL: JSONURL cache Policy: NSURLRequest Reload Ignoring Cache Data timeout Interval:10]; if(connection In Progress) connection In Progress =

In my view Will Appear I use Reachability to check that there is an internet connection.My current code looks like this: ) is definitely the better way to go.It's simple, powerful, and intuitive to use, although the syntax might suggest otherwise at first.The data loading method calls back regularly to update the progress, it calls a method in the same controller class that originally launched it in the background (the delegate).This method looks like: So I know the method is being called and running because I get the log readout of the increasing progress values but the progress indicator doesn't move.