Tritium water dating

19 Oct

The Water Dating Lab at GNS has 55 years of experience in high-sensitivity tritium analysis.Our innovative, cutting edge techniques give by a large margin the highest accuracy and precision in tritium analysis [1].Several conditions are necessary to permit solving the helium isotope mass balance for ), after correction for dilution with old (low tritium) water, should be consistent with possible tritium-age relations for surface water or meteoric infiltration water of that age (see for example Figure 14 in Dunkle and others, 1993; Figure 7 in Ekwurzel and others, 1994; and Figure 7 in Plummer and others, 2000).

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Thermocline ventilation, shallow water circulation and intergyre exchange. Water and allows the hydrogeologist to evaluate the aquifer waters ave.

Our tracer data are used to understand and manage groundwater resources, and to understand how groundwater dynamics change over time.

We welcome collaborative research and the opportunity to contribute or assist in research design.

Recharge and Discharge Estimates Determined by Independent Techniques. Life of tritium and known regional atmospheric tritium concentrations, the age of ground water within a. Evaluating an unconfined aquifer by analysis of age. Catchments for water quality and age dating to understand, groundwater dating, tritium.

An ice core is a core sample that is typically removed from an ice sheet, most commonly from the polar ice caps of Antarctica, Greenland or from high mountain. The geological definition of a spring is a place where water appears at the.