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25 Dec

"We'll see you at the 6th annual hometown We The Kings show." The 5th annual We the Kings homecoming show took place Dec. Stay tuned for details on this year's We The Kings concert in Manatee County.Jamie Gregorich, the sous chef at award-winning Longboat Key restaurant Euphemia Haye and a culinary instructor at Manatee Technical Institute, was also honored at the county commission meeting last year for the classy way she displayed her immense cooking skills on the hit Fox television show “Hell’s Kitchen.”The county had proclaimed Oct.17) and marks the first opportunity for the band to play every song from their first album, ."Going back and being able to play our first album is really, really cool because as much as it will be for the fans, it’s really for us too -- to feel that youth and excitement again from that side," Clark says."I’m already having those nostalgic moments and it’s really cool, because it’s really easy to get caught up when success starts rolling in and lose a little bit of yourself." Clark graduated from Manatee High School in 2003.The front man, along with his We the Kings band mates Hunter Thomsen (guitar, backing vocals) and Danny Duncan (drums), grew up in Bradenton and attended King Middle School, which is where the group got its name."It's hard to believe that it's been a year," Clark said."When we think back to all of the amazing things that have happened so far, we always remember the key to the city, the annual hometown shows, and We The Kings Day!

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But when it came to Clark's personal goals, a girlfriend wasn't the only thing on his mind.“And I’m a filmmaker so it should be fairly intuitive for me.So when she was pregnant I thought wouldn’t it be fun if I was able to do something that was unique and make this whole spread of her belly growing but it was really hard. Last week's episode showed an intimate moment where Darden tries to cheer up Clark with a slow dance in her office The 36-year-old writer reveals what it was like being the teenage daughter of the only black prosecutor in the O. Simpson trial, speaks of the impact the case had on her family, how the black community rose up against her dad and how he received death threats. 'After an intimate moment where Darden tries to cheer up Clark with a slow dance in her office, the scene cuts to the next morning, and we hear a radio DJ ask the audience to call in to vote on whether Clark is a 'b***h' or a 'babe'.'He said no. Brown acts as fellow prosecutor Chris Darden on the show. Simpson was acquitted of the double murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman - the question most people still ask her is: 'Did your dad hook up with Marcia Clark?