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28 Sep

By and large we are a complex group with extra baggage for sure, and any tools you can grab onto will be helpful if you are indeed in love with this guy and want to make a go of a long term relationship with him.

When I first decided to get sober, I told my fiancé, “I think I am going to go to AA and quit the booze for good.” His reply: “Awww, I’m gonna lose my drinking buddy? ”As you may expect, that relationship imploded shortly thereafter.

–There are sober guys who are struggling or depressed, but a large portion of them are just regular, awesome guys who don’t drink or use drugs. These perks ofdating a sober person apply to anyone, regardless of gender.

Some are serious, some are religious, and some aren’t; some are silly, outgoing, athletic, adventurous, and upbeat. I happen to be married to a sober dude, but this can apply to anyone who has a special sober someone.

In working with the spouses and significant others of addicts, I’ve often heard it said, “I’d rather be an addict than love one.” While few people would ever walk eyes-wide-open into a chronic disease like addiction, the statement speaks to the confusion, loneliness and despair common not only among addicts but also the men and women who love them. In fact, addicts who are solid in their recovery can make excellent partners.

If you’re going out to dinner, it’s okay to wait till you arrive, and when the wine list arrives just say, ‘Nah, I don’t do that anymore.’ Do it casually; whether to go into greater detail or not really depends upon the relationship.”Amy, a 32-year-old stylist who lives in Manhattan and has been sober for 10 years, tells of romancing a particular “normie,” who turned out to be anything but.

“'Two sickies don’t make a welly,’ my 80-year-old sponsor used to say.” According to James, a 33-year-old photographer from Los Angeles who’s been sober for eight years, when he first came to AA he listened to what his sponsor told him and religiously avoided dating women in the program.

The other day, a single friend of mine lamented the fact that the guy she had a crush on was sober.“What’s wrong with sober men? She turned bright red, obviously forgetting that my husband hasn’t had a drink or taken a drug in over twenty years.

She laughed and apologized, but she didn’t need to.