The attitudes towards dating violence scales development and initial validation im dating man 20 years older

04 Nov

Results support the validity and reliability of the Intimate Partner Violence Responsibility Attribution Scale.

El objetivo de este estudio es presentar un instrumento psicométricamente adecuado para evaluar las atribuciones de responsabilidad de hombres condenados por violencia contra la mujer en las relaciones de pareja: la Escala de Atribución de Responsabilidad en Violencia en las Relaciones de Pareja.

A large number of academic, community, government, and student researchers were affiliated with the team over the years.

This study describes the development and validation of three Attitudes Towards Male Dating Violence (AMDV) Scales and three Attitudes Towards Female Dating Violence (AFDV) Scales.

Reliability of the scales in this study was estimated using Cronbach's alphaρ and greatest lower bound.

The Intimate Partner Violence Responsibility Attribution Scale correlated in theoretically expected ways with variables used to assess construct validity (system blaming, problems with partner, and responsibility assumption) and with variables used to assess criterion-related validity (satisfaction with legal system, victim-blaming attitudes, alcohol consumption, hostile sexism, stressful life events, social desirability, impulsivity and household income).

The scale was administrated to 423 adult male intimate partner violence offenders court-mandated to a community-based intervention program.

A three factor structure (responsibility attribution to the legal system, responsibility attribution to the victim, and responsibility attribution to the offender personal context) was supported using confirmatory factor analysis.