Terri clark dating

23 Jan

The singer harvests hay from heartbreak and tills freedom in songs from the lost highway that drove her from the tiny town of Medicine Hat, Alberta, to country mecca Nashville.

Clark, now 35, has raked over ashes of divorce - her own and those of friends and peers - to inject her music with a cool credibility.

"I have a filly, named after Jennifer Lawrence called, Jenny from the Ville, so she's a 2-year-old. "I live in Kentucky and I have a race horse, with about 20 other people, so I own the tail, as I like to say, but I've probably been to about 15 Kentucky Derby's. We really love seeing all the beautiful ladies and hats.

Rising country music star, JD Shelburne, from Taylorsville, Ky. Shelburne says it was such a crazy moment, he had to ask twice."I was like, did you say yes, I couldn't hear you," Shelburne said."I said yes, absolutely," Amy Whitham, his fiancé, said.

"Then he said it was perfect timing with his son Eric being so young and he hoped I would have a baby girl so he could set her up with Eric and they could date. Typical Simon." Terri says she made Simon promise not to tell his girlfriend Lauren Silverman as she wanted to tell her herself.

"Amazingly, he managed to keep it a secret – he’s usually terrible at keeping them so I wasn’t sure he’d be able to do it," says Terri.

Her role is being kept under wraps but it has been rumoured the star will be playing a mysterious new villain with E!

Online reporting that she will be Supergirl’s (played Melissa Benoist) big baddie."No offence to any of the wonderful actresses who have also played the part, but Teri Hatcher is my all time favourite Lois Lane," said Andrew Kreisberg, executive producer of Supergirl."To have her come back to the Super World in a completely different part is an unbelievable gift to me, Greg [Berlanti] and the fans."The Desperate Housewives actress starred in Lois & Clark alongside Dean Cain who played Clark Kent.