Terrell owens and kita williams dating My sexgame dating bite

12 Dec

I can’t believe Mo and Kita would do such a thing.’ Having an opinion is one thing — anyone can have an opinion — but when you state it as fact now you are messing with my reputation as a professional woman. Monique also took aim at Wendy for her “occasional” disregard of facts, and also at the ungratefulness they feel Owens has showed to them after they had his back, publicly and privately, for years: My biggest issue is that Terrell knows we’ve gone to bat for him over the years. We’ve stood in the front line and took on war for him.

He knows the truth, on this last season, we sat on his couch in Miami and disclosed there was a friend who stole money!

However, just when it seemed like Kita found her perfect man he revealed that he was legally married but separated from his wife, which didn’t go over well.

Despite the fact that Joe planned to get a divorce, Kita felt that she should have known early on and that the only way they could move on is if his actions really backed up his words.

She's set to get married AND she’s soon to become a first time mother!

Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great guy and has been nothing other than a man besides telling me.

He knew that I would opt out of it before knowing his whole situation so that was the hard part.

ESSENCE: This was the end of a long and emotional journey for you, correct?

KITA WILLIAMS: Yes, it was beyond emotional for me, because I've had challenges with becoming a mother and with fertility. WILLIAMS: When I realized that I was having issues getting pregnant, I thought maybe it had a lot to do with my diet or being stressed out.