Teen sex holiday camera spyed

20 Sep

Three police officers and two pilots allegedly used the MD 902 helicopter to film naked sunbathers and the two brazen swingers who “put on a show” on their patio in daylight.

Tapes of the illicit footage were found in a drawer of sex obsessed swinging officer PC Adrian Pogmore after he was sacked by the force in 2015.

Unlike the swingers these people had no idea they had been filmed, with the 43-year-old mother saying she felt sick when shown the recording.

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Footage shot between 20 included film of a mother in her 40s who was sunbathing naked in her garden alongside two bikini-wearing teenage daughters.

Also recorded were two couples, one enjoying a naturist holiday at a campsite and the other sunbathing nude beside their secluded hot tub.

On July 12, Talese’s book “The Voyeur’s Motel” will be published by Grove Atlantic.

“It’s my life — my secret life,” said Foos, who lives in metro Denver with his second wife.

A senior officer said racy footage recorded of a brunette cavorting with her husband in a pre-arranged outdoor sex session would have been “impossible” to spot from 900ft up.

He’s not sure what to expect when the story gets out, and because he’s under contract, he says he can’t comment.

“I think the book will create a real situation, let’s put it that way,” Foos told The Denver Post on Monday.

The eight-minute encounter was recorded by the camera on South Yorkshire Police’s £4million spy-in-the-sky helicopter which was capable of capturing a car registration plate from two miles.

The expert insisted that unless the crew were watching footage on a screen they would have been unable to see if anyone was having sex “or even if they had their clothes off”.