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18 Jan

But if you think talking to your son or daughter about sex is tough, or it makes you nervous, know that you're not alone. CDC’s Parent Portal Information from across all of CDC for parents, covering everything from safety at home and in the community to immunization schedules and developmental milestones for ages 0–19 years.

Advocates for Youth A resource for parents with Frequently Asked Questions, information on the importance of parents as sex educators, and tips on talking with teens.

Parents have a strong impact on whether a teenager makes healthy decisions for himself or herself.

This goes for making healthy decisions about sex, as well.

If your teen starts having sex, he or she needs to know how to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

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She complied because of rumors that the Spurs would harm women who resisted.

And yet, despite her apparent belief in the value of casual sex as a tool of exploration and feminist thinking, Rosin, too, seemed to conclude that casual sex cannot be a meaningful end goal.

“Ultimately, the desire for a deeper human connection always wins out, for both men and women,” she wrote.

But the more you talk frankly and openly, the easier it will be. Brenda Chao lead a team that consistently and compassionately delivers the highest quality care throughout each interaction, online, over the phone and in our Round Rock OBGYN clinic at 301 Seton Parkway, Suite 407, Round Rock, TX 78665.

We know that talking to your teen about sex is a difficult thing to do, and if you need advice, please talk with our Round Rock obgyns.