Taiwanese dating customs

01 Dec

In the last century missionaries arrived during a relatively puritanical period, and happened to mesh with then-current attitudes.

Authoritarian rule has given way to personal freedom, and the field of sex is no exception.

Expect friends to cancel plans, often at the last minute, for family affairs – family always comes first, and this isn’t considered rude.

Expect unreliable RSVPs and added guests to group events, even when reservations are involved.

Taiwan's drivers have no regard for their own lives or anyone else's. There are at least two convenience stores on every corner. Most males will have no trouble finding girlfriends.

Caucasian male foreigners are appreciated, even sought after, and you will see many Taiwanese female/foreign male relationships.

SMARTPHONE-centric youths are turning to their handsets for love, according to Just Dating, who reported in a survey that young men in Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia are more comfortable with initiating relationships digitally.

According to the survey, on average young Malaysian men start dating at age 21, and 80 percent of that demographic are furiously swiping through candidates on matchmaking apps.

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It is mainly Chinese in origin and is patriarchal and patrilineal, with the family at the centre of cultural activities.

Malaysian men also said that if they feel chemistry with a girl, they were much less likely than their Taiwanese and Singaporean counterparts to hesitate about a setting up a second date.

In comparison, Taiwanese and Singaporean men said that they would be more cautious, preferring to set up a friendship before rushing into a romantic relationship.

Oddly enough, the survey revealed that i Phone users are far more likely to be aggressive users of dating apps compared to their Android counterparts.

Apparently, 70 percent of those who own and use i Phones are more likely to want to establish a relationship on the first date compared to the 30 percent of Android users.