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30 Nov

Max Irons Henry Cavill Michael Fassbender Bo Barrett Joel Edgerton Luke Schroder (Ricky Schroder’s son) Thomas Mann Stephen Dorff Colin Hanks Chad Michael Murray (two failed marriages) Joaquin Phoenix Ethan Hawke (former marriage of convenience to a lesbian, we’re sure) Uma Thurman (former marriage of convenience to a homosexual, we’re almost sure) Tobey Maguire (marriage of convenience) Jared Padalecki Justin Chatwin Ashton Kutcher (former marriage of convenience to a lesbian, Demi Moore) Anthony Clark Yes. Well, since the ‘marriage’ of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Rumors have abounded for almost two decades that Demi Moore is a lesbian.

Is Ashton Kutcher planning his biggest PUNK what with his foolish ‘marriage’ to Demi Moore, be it he is straight or gay?

Newcomer Greystone Holt(-who currently plays plays Clayton Danvers on the TV series"Bitten") Evan,who goes up against a horde of vampires when he gets close to object of the lead vampires (Angus Sutherland) affection,played by Autumn Reeser.

The movie was filmed Vancouver from August through September 2007.

~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi It's still a fascination how Band Camp went straight to DVD.

Original American Pie star Eugene Levy returns to offer some helpful advice for the band-camp bound Stifler sibling.

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The sadists responsible for the painfully unfunny DATE MOVIE (2006) are back, and this time they've outdone themselves: This theater-clearer is even less amusing than its terrible predecessor, a spoof so devoid of laughs it can no longer be categorized as a comedy.

The following celebrities are gay Taylor Kitsch and Battleship and Lone Survivor director Peter Berg were reportedly a couple in 2014.