Summer heat dating

05 Nov

With this in mind, we hate to admit it but it is true- dating in the summer month can be really bliming difficult.1) Getting hot and bothered under the collar With the temperature soaring in London and set to continue for this week across the city, its natural to sweat.Who ever said dating in the summer was attractive hey!2) Prickly legs and bushy faces As soon as the summer sun makes an appearance, its time for the dreaded leg shave!So grab your fling or longtime lover, throw on a bikini or your sneakers, and get your Summer lovin' on with these outdoor date ideas.Summer is finally here, and it’s a great season for romance.With the glorious summer sun gracing us with its presence recently, most people would assume that summer is the ideal time to go out and find your perfect match.And while theres no better time to fall in love, expand your circle of friends and enjoy the long, lazy summer evenings, the summer does bring some less than desirable side effects.

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Everybody thinks of summer as a time for carefree flings, but here are five reasons it can be more of a pain in the arse.At the end of the day, sweating is a natural occurrence and your bodys way of cooling down but getting sweat patches on your latest outfit or swish shirt, its really the look you wanted to go for now, is it?Oh, and whos forgotten sweaty hands and a drippy upper lip? Remember theres two in every situation so heres hoping your date is feeling the heat too and you are both a warm mess.Dates in summertime have the wonderful advantage of relaxed atmospheres, warm sunshine and seemingly endless possibilities for fun and adventure.With this can come the easy feeling that anything goes and that dates need be a little less formal than one would otherwise expect.