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28 Dec

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As the former Arizona sheriff’s federal case headed toward trial this spring, the president asked the attorney general whether it would be possible for the government to drop the criminal case against him, but was advised that would be inappropriate, according to three people with knowledge of the conversation.

The multiple announcements he made as a hurricane approached enraged his detractors and buoyed his most ardent supporters while leaving open the question of how they will be received by voters who don’t fit neatly into either camp.

Acoustics '17 Mobile App Itinerary Planner (schedule of sessions and abstracts) Meeting Program in PDF format Streaming Broadcast Schedule Preregistration is closed. Make Hotel Reservation (select Accommodations tab) Welcome to Acoustics ’17 Boston, the third joint meeting of the Acoustical Society of America and the European Acoustics Association.

The Acoustical Society of America (ASA) and the European Acoustics Association (EAA) invite acousticians from around the world to participate in Acoustics ’17 Boston to be held Sunday through Thursday, 25-29 June 2017 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

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Public notification of the Proposed Development Scheme will be conducted from 7 August to 18 September 2017.

For more information please visit Economic Development Queensland.

The psychedelic drug is headed for fast-track FDA review based on new research.

The prospect of a government-sanctioned psychedelic drug has generated both excitement and concern, with many officials hesitant to embrace psychedelics because of the stigma attached to the drugs.