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A shopping centre is not a public place but is private property.

You may be directed to leave or even be banned by a security guard.

If you think the police are not respecting your rights, you should speak to a lawyer or make a complaint.

If you are in trouble with police before you have an interview with the police, or give them a statement, tell them you want to call the If the police do not tell you their name and place of duty at the time of the arrest – you should ask them for it.

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If you’re letting your vagina lead you into relationships, 99% of the time you will be disappointed. It also makes you eat an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s in an emotional fit when you’re trying to lose those last ten pounds. and is giving you those puppy dog eyes will make a great husband. So how can you tell which body part’s falling in love first?

Never mind that I was 30 and ready to settle down while he was 25 and acting like a frat rat. My vajayjay was notorious for picking men who rocked my world but made my world rocky. Once I got my head together and broke up with my addiction to bad love, my head led me to my husband. Had my vagina been making the decisions, I would have overlooked this short, cute, NICE guy. Had my heart been in charge, I might have mistaken the lack of emotional turmoil as a sign there wasn’t any chemistry. But because my head was clear about how I wanted love to look and feel, and I’d ditched my beliefs that I was too old, fat, screwed up to find love, when I met The Hubs, I allowed my head to give my heart – and eventually my vajayjay – the green light.

Fast Black (Morgan Freeman), a pimp and police suspect, also believes that the story is about him and wants to know who betrayed him to Jonathan.

From there a battle of wits and wills ensues between Jonathan and Fast Black, in addition to Jonathan becoming involved with one of the pimp's call girls, Punchy (Kathy Baker).