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12 Dec

Everyone knows that £1 drinks night in the Sugarmill is far better than a fancy cocktail bar. It's basically a whole huge area just dedicated to watching monkeys do their thing, and it's like living in a dream. Don't even think about telling our Dads that you support any football team other than Stoke City.

Just don't ask us to recall any specific memories, because we definitely can't. You'll say we're from the north due to our accents, but we're definitely from the Midlands. So not to brag or anything, but we're pretty well-travelled (if day trips to Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham count as seeing the world…)11. If you're lucky, we might even show you our sneaky shortcut to Nemesis through the gardens. You call it 'being cold all the time', we call it nesh. And if you don't know every word to 'Delilah', then you might as well just get out right now. Our teenage Saturdays were spent at the Potteries Shopping Centre.

Observing different showpieces, the sweethearts have an opportunity to be in close proximity to each other, discuss various heart-to-heart themes, share their impressions or just flirt and walk holding hands.

The most romantic dating may be organized through hiring Marine Cruise Canal boat which may be found in the Festival Park Marina.

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You'll be greeted by 'Ey up duck' on a regular basis, or, if we're feeling really loving, maybe 'shug'. Oatcakes are a food from GOD (and don't even think about suggesting the hard, crispy kind).Delivery Tiled fireplaces and hearths are bulky items that require specialist handling and transport.We can arrange fully insured delivery by a specialist company who will bring the fireplace into your property.It is made from ceramic fibre and will increase the efficiency of our decorative gas fires. A "living flame" gas fire is a decorative fuel effect gas fire, designed to be used with a 16 inch ceramic fibre gas fireback.They are low efficiency, with a heat output of about 2 k W, but they have real flames.