Steps for updating hp ux with update ux Chat bot mature

02 Oct

The forced reboot was introduced into upgrade-ux, because sometimes servers got patches after running over 1 year without a single reboot and to avoid pin-points to bad patch bundles we decided a recent reboot was required (by default 30 days uptime is the maximum we tolerate). When you sign in to comment, IBM will provide your email, first name and last name to DISQUS.NOTE: In HP-UX 11i v3, there are two types of DSFs for mass storage: legacy DSFs and persistent DSFs.Both can be used to access a given mass storage device independently and can coexist on a given system.Prerequisites There are two prerequisites for deploying the 'CA - HP-UX 11- Quality Pack Bundle xxxx' package. Find the section titled "find standard patch bundles" 4. Q: What is the release cycle for HP-UX Quality Pack Patch Bundles?

Installation Flow (Flow Chart) FAQ Q: What is HP Operating Environment (OE)? This package has been developed to handle dynamic download URLs by vendors like HP, Sun, IBM etc. uuid=1700ce5a-9444-466b-a692-fcbe5bdf8bde#section1 Q: Are there any perquisites for the agents in order to deploy a 'CA - HP-UX 11.23/11.31 Quality Pack Patch Bundle XXXX' package from CA Patch Manager? The package uses "wget" to download the patch bundle on to the agent from CA ITCM Scalability server. You can manually download and install "wget" on agents from the below URLs. What is the command to check the Quality Pack Bundle version information? A: Or can be check the files /var/adm/sw/and /var/adm/sw/created by the system. Is it possible to ignore the auto reboot of the machine after successful installation of QPK patch bundle?

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During an update from HP-UX 11i v2 to 11i v3, existing legacy DSFs are retained and persistent DSFs will be created.

Configuration files will not be modified, so system devices will continue to use the existing legacy DSFs.