Sql view not updating

10 Nov

Btrieve was written by Doug Woodward and Nancy Woodward and initial funding was provided in part by Doug's brother Loyd Woodward.Around the same time as the release of the first IBM PCs, Doug received 50% of the company as a wedding gift and later purchased the remainder from his brother.For more information about AUTO_CREATE_STATISTICS, see ALTER DATABASE SET Options (Transact-SQL).To view all indexes for a table or view, you can use sp_helpindex.Btrieve is a transactional database (navigational database) software product.It is based on Indexed Sequential Access Method (ISAM), which is a way of storing data for fast retrieval.However, updating statistics causes queries to recompile.We recommend not updating statistics too frequently because there is a performance tradeoff between improving query plans and the time it takes to recompile queries. UPDATE STATISTICS can use tempdb to sort the sample of rows for building statistics.

"@Mike Murko one important difference is that the schema/metadata about the columns of a view can be queried if its a view.After some reorganization within Novell, it was decided in 1994 to spin off the product and technology to Doug and Nancy Woodward along with Ron Harris, to be developed by a new company known as Btrieve Technologies, Inc. Btrieve was modularized starting with version 6.15 and became one of two database front-ends that plugged into a standard software interface called the Micro-Kernel Database Engine.The Btrieve front-end supported the Btrieve API and the other front-end was called Scalable SQL, a relational database product based upon the MKDE that used its own variety of Structured Query Language, otherwise known as SQL.By default, the query optimizer already updates statistics as necessary to improve the query plan; in some cases you can improve query performance by using UPDATE STATISTICS or the stored procedure sp_updatestats to update statistics more frequently than the default updates.Updating statistics ensures that queries compile with up-to-date statistics.