Speed dating in french

05 Nov

Levels: Beginners, Advanced Beginner, and Intermediate -6pm — Me, Myself and I Learn to introduce yourself and talk about your day, interests, and hobbies.

Our incredible, native-French speaking teachers will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

But you’re feeling nervous and aren’t sure where to start. Here are 11 tips to get you going, and to help you improve your French through conversation. It allows you to control the interaction as you limit the number of expected responses potentially offered by the helpful Harry before you.

For instance, are you happy to meet people of all nationalities, or perhaps you’d like to date a British national?If you’re happy to jump into the mire with everyone else, not just expats, then there are loads of different online dating sites. For gay relationships, check out UK Gay Partnership.But what if you’re not looking to start dating online?What other options are there for expats in London to meet people?Franglish is a French/English language exchange event taking place every week from 7 to 9pm in some of the best venues across Bordeaux.