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10 Nov

It is therefore plausible that the nonspecific effects observed in some types of acupuncture are also linked to DNIC, since some authors have reported that acupuncture is only effective in producing analgesia when the stimulation itself is of a sufficient intensity to cause an unpleasant sensation.

The DNIC induced by needles is believed to be mediated by the release of endogenous opioid neuropeptides and/or monoaminergic neurotransmitters, mainly because naloxone, a central and peripheral opioid receptor antagonist, is reported to reverse its effects.

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That research was a wakeup call that human’s perception of what can be called reality might be severely disconnected from the physical support that sustains it. Since then, technology has significantly increased speed, affecting human patterns of movement. Some landowners charged excessive amounts, so these early lines did not always follow the optimal route.Hyperloop One, which has so far raised more than 0 million, was set on an idea laid out by billionaire Elon Musk, the entrepreneur behind electric car company Tesla and private space exploration endeavor Space X.This visual essay elaborates on a very specific effect of speed on landscape perception, through the prism of users inside a theoretical high-speed train along the Scottish landscape. By following a visual research method proposed by Tim Ingold (1993), this essay uses a famous Scottish painting of Loch Lomond, by Horatio Mc Culloch, to explain the influence speed has on the perception of the vertical layers that compose the landscape seen from the window – landscape as a moving screen.