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20 Dec

Being a decadent postmodern degenerate, I really didn’t care. Here she was cuckolding me for some hulking Black brute with a double digit IQ and a monster dick. Maybe he has good earning potential and is a good catch, maybe because scholars are highly valued in these Iberianized societies. Even ordinary IQ Russian women read Dostoevsky, listen to Tchaikovsky, etc. We have a lot of Punjabis in my town though, and it’s striking how much they seem to respect education and an educated guy. Further, many of them are either formally educated or if not, self-educated. Your stratospheric IQ will not get you women, not in the US. We had an open relationship (my specialty) so there was no such thing as cheating, but she loved to do it anyway, and rub it in my face at that. Now, it’s obvious this chick did not get off on my brains. I’m not sure why, but hot young Latin American women like a brainy guy. No idea, but I suspect that they may respect intellectuals. I don’t know, because I have little experience with these women.He rounds on critics as if this record will solve humanitarian crises around the world, and here’s why: Band Aid is competing for our cash in an overcrowded marketplace.Every day my post includes a begging letter from a deserving cause.I learned long ago that this is one of the lies of females, or rather, their self-deceptions.

Like me, he’s a huge proponent of using Mind Control, deep hypnosis and extreme persuasion on women. Derek leaned in closer to me, as if to tell me a closely-held secret.

I could never support the death penalty; it’s one of those clearcut decisions.

No matter how grim the crime, nothing justifies killing another human being.

K, so you’re here to learn how to get a woman to like you. (I shall reserve my wrath for Pickup Artists in another post, but suffice to say that I absolutely loathe these hucksters who I think are preying on desperate guys for their money.) Before we start, I’ll need you to promise me this. In fact, I am one of the patent holders of the original Deep Psyche™ technology (which is now widely used in hypnotherapy practices as well as dating seminars and clinics worldwide.) But I am not here to toot my own horn, so enough about that.

What you’re going to find here is entirely different from what you’ve seen elsewhere. For one, you’ll never hear junk “Guru” advice like at wanting to get better at attracting women (despite the mind games that they inevitably play on men). If you’ve been reading this blog for long, then you’ll know that I am a big proponent of using hypnosis, Mind Control and deep persuasion techniques to get my way with women.