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05 Feb

README files and changelogs are stored in a package-specific subdirectory in /usr/doc. SLACKWARE file that lists the package's build dependencies is supplied. CPANPLUS:: Dist:: Slackware requires the modules CPANPLUS, Cwd, File:: Find, File:: Spec, IO:: Compress:: Gzip, IPC: Cmd, Locale:: Maketext:: Simple, and Params:: Check.

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However I did not add openconnect to the 'deps' section, you need to install it separately if you need it.One of the frequent criticisms of Slackware is the lack of official packages available.While the official package set provides a good, stable, and flexible operating system (and is quite adequate for many individuals), the fact remains that many users want/need quite a few additional applications in order for it to meet their needs.It will *replace* any version of KDE 4 you might have installed! Applications 17.12 will no longer ship anything based on kdelibs4.What is the NEWS in this batch of updates: - Plasma was updated to 5.10.3 bugfix release, see https://org/announcements/plasma-5.10.3.