Single parent dating holualoa hawaii

07 Nov

In the end, I guess I'm slightly akin to that old marmite situ; You'll probably either love me or hate me! | PHYSICAL: BODY / MENTAL: SOUL/ EMOTIONAL: SPIRIT. | NATURAL / ORGANIC / VEGAN / RAW / PLANT BASED / GENESIS . I'm a single parent who loves the weekends when my 5 year old daughter stays with me.

| SPIRITUALITY / PHILOSOPHY / PHYSIOLOGY / PSYCHOLOGY. | POLITICS / CONSERVATIVE / CONSTITUTIONAL / RIGHT. | ART / PHOTOGRAPHY / MOVIES / MUSIC / PERCUSSION / REPERCUSSION. She is my top priority and I love doing things with her, whether it's baking cookies, building Legos, doing her homework, or eating cereal (with soy milk! During the week, I have a long commute into NY where I work in the statistical modelling group at a bank.

i, following Kīlauea and the much larger Mauna Loa.

Its peak stands 8,271 feet (2,521 m) above sea level.

) But if nothing else, I am me; wholly and truthfully. | GOOD ATTITUDE / ONE GOOD STEP AT A TIME / ALL AT A GOOD PACE.

My middle name stands for Honesty, and it's something I do my best to live by in every respect; Being honest both to myself AND others respectively... POSITIVELY CHARGED: UNDERSTANDING, APPRECIATION, RESPECT, HONOR, & LOVE... PHYSICALLY/BODY, MENTALLY/SOUL, AND EMOTIONALLY/SPIRIT... | UNDERSTAND / APPRECIATE / RESPECT / HONOR / LOVE.

I’d like to be a better dancer, and have spent a fair amount of time working at that. Like puttering around my shop/studio when I'm not out in the yard or working on the house I built from the ground up decades ago. I'm a twenty-something "Amateur artist & musician" currently residing in the South West of England.

Musical tastes range from alternative country/folk to ragged edge jazz, but I'm all over the board! Semi - retired from the real job at a school where my duties are so varied they call me the Special Projects person. I'll be slowing down there and spending more time on my creative ventures and smelling the roses. I'm back living in the family home at the moment, planning adventures to wilder climes, away from the density and degradation of the urban sprawl, such as it is. I am passionate about a great many things (Some pretty far out there, which I won't go into just now! ALL, IN ONE :) | ABOUT ME: OPEN / UP / RIGHT / JUST / POSITIVELY CHARGED / THE OVERALL GOOD.

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