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11 Sep

The app is geared toward urban young professionals—NYU, Columbia, and the University of Pennsylvania are the most popular alma maters.

Farmers Only As the site’s tagline says, “city folks just don’t get it.” The app is designed for single farmers (as its name would suggest), but also ranchers and really any eligible bachelors and bachelorettes in rural America.

This blog is mostly about myself and my first online dating experiences.

I will reminisce in the first couple of posts and then eventually this will be LIVE posts. This means maybe I’ll go on a really horrible dating that is bad. Maybe Ill got on a a really great date that turns into something horrible (which is my expectation lately), or I will go on a great date that deserves a shout out.

I dated a guy all through college and it just didn’t work out. I wont put any real names of websites or names of men in here but you all have imaginations and if you don’t, you have common sense.I mostly will be talking about a very popular dating website that we will call “flare” for legal reasons, because God forbid this ever become something, I would hate a lawsuit.I have had more than entertaining experiences on this app. (Let’s be honest you probably deserve the most alcohol.) I will always end my blogs with TBC…which I watched courtesy of Channel 4 and my mum and dad’s TV, I imagined that I would either be living alone or hanging out with my perfect friends all the time, wearing lots of expensive clothes and surrounded by and endless stream of eligible and/or exciting dating options.Of course, the plot lines of those shows were New York-based and, to be fair, the messages of pop culture’s portrayals of single women were a bit mixed.