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20 Dec

Wang became so obsessed, he began using his spare time to design personalized virtual gifts for her.He even helped her make a professional music video and got to meet her in real life, but a non-virtual relationship never blossomed.BEIJING (Reuters) - In China's online hostessing world, men find virtual company and the women can find riches.Student Xiao Yue, 21, spends four hours most days chatting online with fans who shower her with virtual roses and other presents.“The same logic should apply to other products.” The magistrate replied that products such as condoms were traditional contraceptives which parents and teachers expected minors to learn about, unlike the sex toys in the current case.The court heard the video under scrutiny contained an introduction, promotion and demonstration of the use of different toys for men and women, with various close-up shots, computer animation and English subtitles.

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A video demonstrating the use of different sex toys on a 90-inch screen facing a busy Wan Chai footbridge was formally classified as indecent by the Obscene Articles Tribunal on Thursday.

She puts on little dance mime routines one minute, seductively eats strawberries the next.'We don't know each other but as time goes on, there's this indescribable feeling. I have some one who will talk to me.'Xiao Yue makes anything between a few thousand and more than ten thousand yuan (£110) a month getting users like Zhu to send the gifts.

They really support you, and their support improves your self-esteem... That pales in comparison with the more than a million yuan (£110,000) given to one hostess on the platform - a record so far.

The review upheld an interim classification made in April after five members of the specialist court unanimously found the 22-minute video was not suitable for those under the age of 18.

Hong Kong husband admits molesting stepdaughter after wife refused sex Store founder Oleg Vasilyev said after the hearing that the news was unexpected but he would respect the court ruling.