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14 Aug

Strangers behaving like chauvinistic creeps (more often than not) as soon as one starts being receptive/warm to them should worry you more.

The majority of Indian men online are men from cultures where gender segregation is the norm.

He is told that there are many lonely women out there who seek the company of men and if he signs up then not will he get to make out with them, but those lonely women will in fact pay him for his services! I had done a story on detectives a few months back and they said they get lots of such men who get duped by these rackets. The relevant portions are under subhead of "Post-marital checks"-The racket that got busted in Calcutta this week is said to have been operating for years.

They would hire eight female tele-callers for Rs 8000, buy hundreds of SIM cards under fake names and spend around Rs 70,000 on advertisments.

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Section 66 (A), which prohibits the sending of information of a “grossly offensive” or “menacing” nature through computers and communication devices, has been used by several states to arrest people over posts on social media that officials claimed were "seditious"," communally sensitive” or abusive.

Most of these arrests were for posting controversial remarks or photos, while some were for sharing, commenting on or liking such posts.

Vishwanath would then meet the girls and con them into parting with their valuables and cash.

Now they’ll tell him that he can avail of a better offer by making a lump sum “investment”. Their phone numbers go out of use and the man realises he has been duped.

If he pays a few lakh rupees he will be enrolled in their “lonely women” section. But out of fear of being exposed in society and family, he cannot go to the police. So many such men turn to private detectives for help.

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