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24 Jan

Turbo-folk’s lyrical emphasis on sex, money and fame is alsoconsidered suspect – and held responsible for spreading “moral disease” throughout Serbian society.

From the political perspective, it has been argued that the music is thesheer embodiment of the nationalist ideology of Milosevic, as if created by his regime itself.

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Turbo-folk continues to play the role both of hero and villain – as Serbia’s best known “brand” and as skeleton in its closet.

After several years of investigation, the Serbian authorities have issued an indictment against one of the country’s biggest music stars – Svetlana Raznatovic, who performs under the name “Ceca.” Charged with embezzling funds from a football club that she co-owned, and for illegal possession of firearms, the singer initially faced a sentence of up to 15 years in prison, but managed to strike a deal with the prosecution to repay parts of the sum under conditions of house arrest.

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The notorious music genre that became synonymous with Serbia’s nationalist regime of the 1990s has anything but disappeared.