Sexual chat rooms in california Sex chat tr

12 Jan

In fact, California Penal Code 288.3 states that any adult who communicates with a minor or attempts to communicate with a minor with the intent to commit a sexual act is committing a sex crime.

California Penal Code 288.4 makes it illegal for an adult to arrange a meeting with a minor for the purpose to engaging in sexual offenses.

Make no mistake, California has a number of laws that are directly related to sex crimes via the Internet and law enforcement officials crack down hard on individuals who are suspected of seducing minors in Internet chat rooms.

The interaction between Doe and Shapiro started off innocent, but when Doe turned 16 – the age of consent in Indiana – the conversations quickly became sexual.

Shapiro began asking the victim to masturbate and later sent her an image of a “young man, who he claimed to be him, with his penis exposed.” In exchange, the victim proceeded to send nude images of herself to Shapiro.

Suddenly, you strike up a dialogue with a woman halfway across the country.

As the conversation progresses and becomes more sexual in nature, you are made aware of the fact that the person you are chatting with is younger than 18 – the age of consent in California.