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03 Nov

We have worked hard in recent years to educate our student body about sex assault prevention.” Some current fraternity and sorority members worked together to repair the original writings.

Chalk writings were splattered across the Boulder CU campus on Monday, originally intended to promote sorority rush week.

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The theory of modern dress, presumably, is that if someone wears dark glasses or combat gear we are more likely to listen to what they say than if they wear a sheet.“This is not a knee-jerk reaction to an isolated incident.”He said the decision was made after consulting with student leaders in the Greek life community and the ban will last until the college’s Division of Student Affairs has finished a review of the situation and after each chapter’s members have completed additional education regarding substance abuse, high-risk behaviors and bystander intervention.

Frat members in Virginia allegedly even promoted the culture on their own just last week.

The Sigma Nu fraternity suspended all activities at the Old Dominion University campus.

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