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18 Nov

"The patient forced his penis her mouth," explained one source who witnessed the event." so traumatized that now, she won't even [as of Saturday] leave her home to go out in public." Over the weekend, the same source indicated many female workers called out sick because there was no security to keep them safe from further incident.Both were issued criminal summons, which means they were a charged with a crime and assigned a court date, but not arrested by a law enforcement official.Police said at a.m., officers were dispatched to the 200 block of 8th Street for reports of a man and a woman smoking marijuana, drinking and shouting in a parked car.The Wicomico County Sheriff's Office took a man into custody after a pursuit on Route 50 ended near Tilghman Road on Thursday, April 6.Editor's note: The face of an undercover police officer has been blurred to protect his identity.Maryland State Police investigators are working to determine the cause of death of 22-year-old Walter Whitehead of Salisbury.

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"Everyone is scared to death because the men who work there leave on Friday afternoon so many had no choice but to call out." By not having adequate staffing coverage, the nursing home patients are at serious risk of assault with no one (or very few) people there to help them ward off an attacker.By going to, you will quickly realize that many of the hottest singles in Ocean City and Maryland singles overall are ready and willing to get to know you better. Well hit me up and I can promise you an awesome time.All that you have to do is take the very first step towards possibly changing your life forever by setting up an online profile at right now. I'll show you how it feels to be fucked hard ladies.Hartley Hall, a non-profit, private nursing home/rehabilitation center nestled in Pocomoke, Maryland had an incident on May 9, 2017, which shows how the negligent press and local law enforcement are failing to warn and keep the community safe from harm.The incident involving the nursing home staff member and a 46 year old male patient in for supposed 'short-term" rehabilitation, where he sexually assaulted the nurse leaves a particularly disturbing taste due to the fact the facility (on the website) boasts the following: Upon investigation of this organization, it was found the Soroptimist is a global organization whose mission is: "...working to improve the lives of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment." Further down, the first Quick Fact on the organization's website states: "One in three women have been beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused in their lifetime." The incident is a horrific nightmare for any female, much less one who is tasked to care for such an individual.