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The channel can be streamed free of charge in Canada via the Yes TV tv OS app on the Apple TV.The Crossroads Television System originally consisted of a single television station, CITS-TV in Hamilton, Ontario (also serving Toronto), with rebroadcast transmitters in London and Ottawa.A March 2012 proclamation signed by Martinez declared April as New Mexico's Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The second paragraph of the one-page document says: WHEREAS, FIFTEEN PERCENT OF NEW MEXICAN ADULTS HAVE BEEN FORCIBLY RAPED AT LEAST ONCE IN THEIR LIFETIMES....The proclamation claims to be concerned about sexual violence and coercion, but, for one thing, it fails to mention sexual abuse of children and teens, two groups for which sexual abuse, rape, and incest are critical problems and often shrouded in the kind of secrecy that enables and perpetuates such abuse.CITS, launched in 1998, was the second religious terrestrial television station launched in Canada, after CJIL-TV in Lethbridge, Alberta.On June 8, 2007, the CRTC approved Crossroads' application for new television stations to serve the Calgary and Edmonton markets.This report also includes information that may be of interest to policy makers during discussions of the correctional system.Time Served in New Mexico Prisons FY 2016 Analysis of the Impact of Earned Meritorious Deductions December 2016This report provides calculations of the average proportion of time served by female inmates released in the fiscal year 2016 (July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016) who earned deductions to their sentences under the Earned Meritorious Deductions (EMD) statutory policy.

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New-Mexico-Prison-Population-Forecast-FY2017-FY2026July 2016This prison population forecast was prepared by the New Mexico Sentencing Commission.Domestic and sexual violence are life-threatening, pervasive crimes that affect millions of girls and boys, women and men all across this nation.The President’s FY 18 proposed budget blueprint calls for deep cuts across federal agencies, and these cuts have the potential to eliminate lifesaving services for survivors.Last year’s modest increases in funding for the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act (FVPSA), along with sustained funding released from the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) are beginning to address a portion of the gap in direct services.However, funding for these cost-effective and essential programs must be increased.