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Because the disorderly conduct and the criminal sexual conduct arise from an incident that took place at the same date and time, you could be looking at the requirement of registering as a sex offender for a minimum of ten years.Sometimes a sex offense does not require registration in the state where the offense occurred but if you move to another state, that state may require you to register if the offense was a "registerable" offense in the new state.Through our settings and programs, we seek to partner with congregations, providing dynamic opportunities of faith growth and education in Scripture.We are a Christ-centered camping, retreat, and relational ministry serving youth, adults and families throughout the year.Such conduct is demeaning, destructive and directly at odds with the Camp goal of fostering equity, mutual understanding and cooperation.

For example, the prosecutor might dismiss your criminal sexual conduct charge in exchange for a plea of guilty to disorderly conduct.

Criminal sexual conduct charges are probably the most serious charges that can be brought against a citizen. Once you are charged with criminal sexual conduct, the consequences are enormous.

Because of the potential consequences besides prison or jail: sex offender registration*, conditional release (5-10 years after incarceration), limitations on contact with minors including family members.

The "Wall of Honor" was established to recognize those who have demonstrated or contributed to the following areas: education, business, human services, government, athletics, military service, fine arts, and community service. The voting committee consists of no more than six members.

There are five voting members and one non-voting chairperson.