Selena gomez and david dating

25 Aug

both wearing Louis Vuitton after all, so they started off the evening as label mates.

And Taylor, as a Met Gala co-chair this year, had to arrive on the early side and was one of the first major stars to walk the carpet before heading inside to help welcome the guests. But Taylor went on to noticeably dance the night away at Apple's after-party at The Standard's Boom Boom Room and then had a pizza party with the Haim sisters, while Selena skipped the post-Gala celebrations and enjoyed a low-key after-party for four elsewhere.

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She and the cast also reunited with some crew members and other people who worked for the Disney Channel when the show was on the air between 20. Austin posted pics on social media."Very much in my feelings about my big brother getting married.Long predating the invention of squads and the goals they inspired, Taylor and Selena naturally hit it off.Though a few years apart in age, the two singers have traversed similar experiences in life, both knowing what it's like to break out of their respective Disney and country-music boxes as they came of age in the spotlight.Even though we for sure knew it would be him first," the singer wrote on Instagram. "When Selena walked out of the church, she was recognized by a few of the younger guests at the wedding," the eyewitness said."They asked her for a picture and she happily obliged and took a selfie for them.