Sedating cats for airline travel

09 Dec

Many vets have pet First Aid Kits available for purchase, great for unexpected injury or illness.All pets must travel in containers approved by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).Make sure that your cat is fitted with a collar and tag with your address and telephone number.

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If your cat is unable to travel you will need to make alternative arrangements for it; you could arrange for your cat to stay with a friend or book it in at a cattery or with a pet sitter.We are currently arranging for our pet cat to join us in the UK.We've gone through the process of organising the trip and fulfilled (or will do) all the requirements to have the cat in the UK (she is travelling within the EU). EDIT: We received the cat on Friday, 2014/08/22 in good health and I'm very happy to say that everything went smooth and she is adjusting fine to her new environment.Many carriers are now available that have secure water bottles and food dishes- plan ahead if feeding and watering your pet is going to be necessary. Sedation for anxious pets can be given safely if needed- consult your veterinarian before the trip so you can try the sedation and see how your pet reacts before getting on the road.Larger dogs should have a safety harness that connects to a seatbelt if needed.