Secunia not updating flash

18 Sep

5.0, but I see that it still hasn't been fixed, so I've started this new thread.Since I'm normally running in a Standard User account on Window 7 SP1, automatic updates don't work (although Firefox at least notifies me of theirs), so I've set Flash to "Notify." I never get Adobe's notifications, however, for some unknown reason.In the first quarter of 2010, according to reports from industry security leaders Secunia, Symantec, and Mc Afee, third-party applications were responsible for the largest increase in security vulnerabilities—even overtaking OS flaws.Microsoft provides Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) as a free component in Windows Server to update third-party apps; Windows Update is the consumer equivalent.The result of not having those is having MANY 3rd party programs out there that claim to clean things up for the user.

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Starting with version 3.0, WSUS includes local publishing APIs that, for the first time, let developers write code to publish custom updates to WSUS.It also says "Windows Update not installed" and complains that without it, some updates will not be installed. Thanks for moving this to a more appropriate location! The assumption seemed to be that I had not yet been auto-updated and that I wanted to know how to "jump the queue".This puzzles me, because AFAIK Windows Update has been functioning normally on both computers for years, Do I need to do something here, and if so, what? The information presented was so obviously inappropriate that I backed out immediately. The Avast Premier software updater reports that all software is up to date.Speccy reports as installed on 8/9/2017 the following "hotfixes" on both machines (and no install failures) KB4034674 - the August cumulative update - for version 1703 64 bit KB890830 - the Malicious Software Removal Tool - ditto KB4034662 - Security update for Adobe Flash Player - ditto So am I correct in thinking this is a bug of some kind in Secunia's detection of the Windows update status?- and that it will sort itself out at the next update cycle? I had understood (please correct me if I am wrong) that with Windows 10 and automatic updating, I no longer needed to worry about Windows Update (I well remember its operation in earlier versions of Windows). I did have that program installed previously, but I ditched it after six months because it was, on occasion, incorrectly reporting updates required.