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02 Oct

According to a post on his Instagram, he passed away in his sleep at a tour stop in Bloomington, Minnesota last night. Weiland was born Scott Richard Kline in San Jose, California; he changed his name at age five after his stepfather adopted him.

TMZ claims that he was found on his tour bus at 9PM, before his current touring band, the Wildabouts, was scheduled to play a show in Bloomington’s Medina Ballroom. He moved to Ohio as a child but came back to California for college.

It was that struggle with the press that drove Scott after the release of their debut, .

While the rest of the band let it roll more, Scott took the criticism personally.

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Born in 1967, singer Scott Weiland started his first band in high school in California.

Yet in 2007, the beautiful brunette made headlines across the world after experiencing a very public manic episode.

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He has also become equally famous for his struggles with drug addiction over the years.The harrowing incident did offer one silver lining: it led Forsberg Weiland to seek treatment for bipolar disorder, a condition that had plagued her since adolescence.“If I had paid attention years before when bipolar disorder was first mentioned, I might have avoided both the bonfire inside of my head and the one I started in our driveway,” Forsberg Weiland says.In her book, , Forsberg Weiland talks candidly about dealing with bipolar and a tumultuous marriage, and how today, at the age of 35, she’s finally found happiness.Forsberg Weiland remembers wrestling with depression as early as when she was a child growing up in San Diego.