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07 Jan

Scott Malchus is a writer, filmmaker and die hard Cleveland Indians fan.His memoir, “Basement Songs,” is available in paperback and Kindle. Cap wants to settle down with Lexi, but Casey is falling for him all over again. Rebecca is now Casey and Ashleigh's best friend, and marrying Evan Chambers. Old flames are going to come back, and drama is going to start in Chicago again.

With Rusty doing all he can to be accepted at Kappa Tau, and Casey struggling to keep ZBZ from buckling under its catty members, the polar opposite siblings work together to face their college dramas.

GR��K - "Pilot" - Rusty begins his freshman year at Cyprus-Rhodes University determined to change his life and rush a fraternity, much to the chagrin of his sorority siren sister, Casey, on "GR��K," FRIDAY, JULY 13 (- p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

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One of the more notable entries of late is the ABC Family original series "Greek".

Despite an ensemble cast, the show leans slightly towards Rusty Cartwright (Jacob Zachar), a geeky, socially awkward freshman who becomes a pledge for Kappa Tau Gamma, the fraternity with the worst reputation on campus.