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29 Dec

Nominated for 12 Japanese Academy Awards including Best Film and the top acting awards; one of the Top Ten films for the Year by Kinema Jumpo. 「父と暮せば」などの戯曲で有名な井上ひさしの遺志を名匠山田洋次監督が受け継ぎ、原爆で亡くなった家族が亡霊となって舞い戻る姿を描く人間ドラマ1945年8月9日、長崎に原子爆弾が投下された。それからちょうど3年後。助産師として働く伸子のもとに、原爆により死んだはずの息子・浩二がひょっこりと現れる。それからというもの浩二は度々姿を現し、伸子と思い出話や浩二の恋人・町子についてなどいろんな話をしていくが…。 監督:山田洋次 出演:吉永小百合、二宮和也、黒木華、浅野忠信 Title: The Magnificent Nine 殿利息でござる Director: Yoshihiro Nakamura Writer: Yoshihiro Nakamura and Kenichi Suzuki, based on a novel by Michifumi Isoda Stars: Sadao Abe, Eita, Satoshi Tsumabuki, Yuko Takeuchi , Ryuhei Matsuda, Yuzuru Hanyu, Gaku Hamada, Karen Iwata, Tsutomu Yamazaki Genre: Comedy Release Type: International Premiere Production Year: 2016 Film Length: 120 min Summary: An all-star cast leads Yoshihiro Nakamura’s comedy adaptation of a story from the novel Mushi no Nihonjin by Michifumi Isoda.

In the 18th century the residents a poor town lead a miserable existence: mired in poverty, forced into manual labour and heavily in tax debt to their feudal lord.

“This year’s expanded and expansive edition of JAPAN CUTS reflects our (slightly maniacal) ambition to be the ultimate platform for Japanese cinema in North America – in the world perhaps?

” says Japan Society’s chief film programmer and festival curator Samuel Jamier.

Earlier today, the full lineup for Japan Cuts 2012, the NYC film festival held from July 12th to the 28th at the Japan Society, was released and boy is it just as exciting as the NYAFF lineup.

With films like Takeshi Miike’s you can bet your sweet ass that Japanese film lovers will be lined up arond the block for this year’s fest.

Year: 2012 Country: Taiwan/China Language: Mandarin Director: Tsao Jui-yuan Studio: N/a Screenplay: Chen Shih-chieh, Hsu Wei-ching, Zhou Yanzi, Hsu Li-Kong Cinematography: Chin Ting-chang Soundscore: Cast: Kenneth Tsang, Grace Kuei, Huo Siyan, Blue Lan, Jiang Mengjie.

From profound to perverted, fantastic to fetishistic, momentous to monstrous, JAPAN CUTS 2012 selections have unyielding artistry and out-of-control eccentricity, offering the hard, the rough, the sharp, the smooth and the soft edge of today’s film scene from Japan. [ 3242, -49] Just how many programs does he MC for? [ 2250, -71] Shin Dong Yup must have really good luck.3. Even if I see him a lot, I don’t get tired of him which is good, but it seems he might collapse while filming one dayㅠㅠ I’m worried.ㅠ6. [ 201, -10] Please rest a bit for the sake of your body.8. [ 1727, -161] Is the generation of Shin Dong Yup returning? [ 180, -23] Seriously, how many bodies does Shin Dong Yup have? Highlights include the irresistible blockbuster love comedy .Yakusho will be on hand for the latter’s July 20 screening for an introduction, Q&A and reception.