Sakurai sho dating rumors

29 Dec

Many fans were quick to show support, but many other fans were also against the relationship.

Various hashtags in relation to the scandal began to trend on Twitter.

Jun and Sho were more careful about being photographed compared to the other three, but off the top of my head, they had a supposed 4P scandal reported about in the past (even though the picture didn’t show anything except their faces).

Sho’s really got his private life on lockdown from the media so all they’ve got is his type is “gyaru-kei” girls, and the Jimusho were really worried when Yamagishi Mai moved from NHK to NEWS ZERO.

It was revealed that Horikita is just a little too introverted, and it worries fellow actors, considering her high profile stardom.

She currently stars in in which she plays Haru Tezuka who has been desperately hunting for a job, but nothing seems to come about.

When asked about her plans for Christmas, she replied “I’ll be watching the final episode of ” when the press pushed “.. ” Horikita replied “Alone.” The rumors of Horikita being romantically linked to Sho Sakurai of Arashi and comedian Shingo Fujimori were swept aside as evidence had never been unearthed of the connection.

Actors who have worked with Horikita before had noted she had almost never went out to eat with them and frequently used the excuse “I’m feeling a bit sick, I really want to go out, but I can’t.” Friends worry she’s too introverted and hope she’ll venture out a little more.

When the staff told him that he left the book behind, Aiba instructed them not to throw it away, so it was returned to him.I’m sure everyone already knows about Aiba’s half-naked leaked photos with model Yamano Yuri, and the purikura he took with her that says “we got married!” as a joke (and you can find these pictures online), but apparently one time Aiba left a book in one of the company cars, a love/sex manual written by AV actor Kato Taka.Once Julie argued that if Jun fell for such a big-name actress it’d definitely be exposed that they were dating, but Jun reassured her by saying it was okay because he only had dates at home.this week has nothing to do with her fashion sense and everything to do about her social sensibilities.