Safe dating practices tips

26 Sep

But as a smart, responsible college student, there are some pretty simple ways to keep yourself safe.

Most campuses also have a blue light system, where if you're in an unsafe situation, you can find a blue light (it's an actual blue light) near the busy sidewalks and alert the police or sound an alarm.

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Princeton University puts on an annual play called "Sex on a Saturday Night" to encourage discussion on safe dating practices for the incoming freshman class.

Don't be afraid to share these exotic treasures with your date feed one another the tantalizing delights and take pleasure in your surroundings.

Many exotic restaurants offer the music and live dance from their former homelands for their guests to enjoy before dinner.

Activities like online dating need to be approached with a certain level of precaution.

It's not about shunning the practice, but about doing it with a certain level of awareness.