Rowupdating editindex

24 Oct

The Data View supplies all the records from the Employees table.

I'm not sure if a race condition exists there or not (it's what all the examples out of MS say to use – that doesn't mean they are correct). Given data that is alpha sorted: user A loads the page with the B inserts a new row that would be sorted towards the A clicks to edit a row at index 5user A sets the Edit Index to 5, and then rebinds the grid. I'd need to run a test to confirm that is the case however.For a change, C1Combo Box has been used in this blog unlike Drop Down List used in the previous one.C1Grid View is bound to [/html] Now as you can see from the above HTML code, C1Combo Box dl Country, is not bound to any datasource at design time.Following code shows the implementation of Row Data Bound event.When the user selects a new value from C1Combo Box and update command button is clicked, Row Updating event is raised.