Robert plant dating 2016

28 Jan

When I heard that some of my friends were rallying to do a series of concerts to help raise funds and awareness, to help address the basic needs of food, shelter and medical care, I wanted to help, in whatever way I could.” Plant stressed that he’s not making any sort of political statement by participating in the shows, in which he’ll perform “two or three songs a night and no more. I hope that my voice, along with my friends, helps bend the arc of the universe a little more toward the loving and helps with the work of getting the basic essentials of life to those who are without.” He also noted that he’s currently working on a new record with his band, the Sensational Space Shifters.

The tour kicks on March 4th at the Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival, see the full dates below.

“Our recent travels have taken this wild whirlwind of a band through many incredible and inspiring places." Plant's currently on the road with The Lampedusa Concerts For Refugees North American tour.

Although Robert Plant made it known he's completely uninterested in performing with John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page as Led Zeppelin, Jason Bonham seems to think he will play with the renowned trio once again. The American South will see the raw talents of the classic rock giant and his band over a total of 13 gigs.

"Our recent travels have taken this wild whirlwind of a band though many incredible and inspiring places," the 67-year-old rock and roll Veteran added.

"I'm always eager to return to the hospitality of the Southern states.

Towns and cities that hold fond memories for me personally, places that gave birth to so much of the music I love.

The Led Zeppelin frontman’s performance at the 1000-capacity Old Fruitmarket - along with indie-rock guitarist Bernard Butler and Glasgow-born Jansch’s former Pentlangle bandmate Jacqui Mc Shee - is expected to be one of the hottest tickets at the 18-day event, which will be held across 26 stages in January.

A handful of the shows are only a few hours' drive from here.